To ensure you continue to get the best care at WonderSmile we ensure your smile is guaranteed for life with our clear aligners. Contact us for more info today!

Your smile,
guaranteed for life

To ensure you continue to get the best care, your results are covered for life. Terms and conditions apply.


To remain eligible for our guarantee, you'll need to show that you have been wearing your retainers as recommended.

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What’s covered?

Our guarantee covers only the teeth originally involved in your Wondersmile treatment plan. If eligible, we’ll provide a free re-scan or Impression Kit and refinement at no extra cost plus continued access to our customer care team 7 days a week.

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Why Wondersmile?

Your teeth, your results and your confidence to smile more, matter. With expert care delivered remotely by our team of orthodontists, minus the monthly clinic visits, start your journey to straighter teeth and see results in 6-9 months!!

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Lifetime Guarantee FAQs

Your smile is guaranteed for life – we commit to providing additional treatment at no extra cost if your teeth ever shift out of alignment for the rest of your life.
We cover any undesired movement of your teeth once treatment has been completed, and you can demonstrate that your treatment plan and retainer use was followed as directed. If the conditions are satisfied, you can visit one of our clinics or we can send you an Impression Kit to assess the misalignment. A new treatment plan will be generated by our orthodontic team to help correct any issues.

This guarantee covers only teeth originally involved in your Wondersmile treatment plan. If you are required to undergo any dental procedures, orthodontic treatment or have any external circumstances that may cause a change in your teeth position upon completion of your Wondersmile journey, this may void your lifetime guarantee.

Permanent and bonded retainers will void the Wondersmile Lifetime Guarantee as this involves dental or orthodontic procedures that may impact teeth alignment.
Upon completion of your treatment, wearing retainers is required to keep your teeth in their new position for life. Teeth may shift out of place again if you stop wearing retainers. We recommend you wear your retainers full-time for 2 weeks after the completion of your clear aligner treatment. After that, retainers are required to be worn daily for 8hrs per day such as during your sleep. For hygiene and effectiveness, retainers must be replaced at least once every 6 months. Some customers prefer 3 retainers per year, every 4 months.

To remain qualified for our Lifetime Guarantee, you must use retainers provided by Wondersmile. All purchases will be reflected in your Wondersmile account.

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