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I never used to smile before WonderSmile. Now I feel so much more confident and never think twice about showing my new smile.


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Protrusion, Gaps


WonderSmile aligners was so easy and to feel the change that quickly was awesome.

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    Jade.TVerified Reviewer

    The team at WonderSmile were great from the start. I received numerous calls at the start of the process, and throughout, to make sure everything was on track. The process is super simple & the team have been great! Highly recommended.

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    Lara.DVerified Reviewer

    I’ve been doing WonderSmile since December and it’s been really easy so far. I’ve almost finished my bottom alligners - they didn’t need a whole lot of work - but I can definitely see and feel the difference the bottom alligners have made. Looking forward to finally having that gap closed on my top teeth later in the year. The process has been very straightforward and the alligners themselves are much thinner than I expected. Occasionally I’ll get an ulcer from the alligners rubbing on my gums, but the little filing tool helps alleviate that. And my favourite bit - not having to see the orthodontist every fortnight!

  • C
    Charity.DVerified Reviewer

    Now on my 4th month and not regretting my decision. You get your value for money and following the program is quick and easy!