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I never used to smile before WonderSmile. Now I feel so much more confident and never think twice about showing my new smile.


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Protrusion, Gaps


WonderSmile aligners was so easy and to feel the change that quickly was awesome.

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    Tessarne.RVerified Reviewer

    Highly recommend WonderSmile. The staff are great and it’s a really affordable treatment plan. I’m extremely happy with the results

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    George.SVerified Reviewer

    I’ve nearly finished my course of aligners and the results have been great. From the moment I decided to use Wondersmile the process has been easy. I booked an appointment for a few days after I’d decided to go for it, there was no waiting around. The appointment was on a Saturday afternoon so suited me well. The impressive 3D camera was better than the moulds I had imagined I’d have made! I was in and out in 30 minutes. 2 weeks later I received the video of my proposed “transformation”. Everything looked fine so I paid for the treatment. And another 2 weeks later the aligners arrived. Some weeks they’re painful for a couple of days, others you don’t even notice them. There’s no follow up appointments or extra costs, you just work through your course as per the instructions. All in all I wish I hadn’t hesitated and had just got on with this ages ago! 10/10

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    Cassandra.BVerified Reviewer

    My experience with WonderSmile has been amazing! The whole process was super easy and convenient. I loved that I only had to go in for a one time scan, then a video of how your teeth will look after treatment is emailed to you and if you are happy with the end results (as per the video which is done via 3D imaging) you just make payment and the whole set of aligners are sent straight to your door. There is absolutely no other appointments which is great if you are travelling a lot. I have 3 weeks left for my top teeth treatment and about 3 months left of my bottom teeth treatment and the results are amazing. I have never had so many compliments about my teeth which is truely life changing after being self conscious about it for so long. The treatment is one of the most affordable I have seen on the market and the health fund rebate you can get back is even better. I would highly recommend WonderSmile as my experience and results so far have been great.